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Culture & Sustainable Development in Coastal Region

Diponegoro University held Tropical Course on 29th of October up to 3rd November 2012 located at ICT Building of Diponegoro University and Karimun Island Semarang. This event were followed by 20 participants which consist of 16 international participants and 4 local participants whom come from different countries such as Germany, Romania, Hungary,  Ukraine, Slovakia, Argentina, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Libya and Indonesia

At the first day, this course was started with a welcome speech from Director of International Office of UNDIP, Jati Utomo D.H.,ST. MM, Ph.D and Rector of UNDIP, Prof. Sudhato P. Hadi MES, Ph.D. After that, the course were continued by presenting the material sustainable development in three session with three speakers. The first session was presented by Prof. Dr. Drs. Ocky Karna Radjasa, M.Sc regarding Tropical Coastal Region, the second session was presented by Dr. Singgih Tri Sulistyono, MS,Mhum regarding Cultural and Local wisdom: Sustainable development in coastal region in culture perspective, and the last session was presented by Prof. Dr.dr. Hendro Wahjono regarding Diseases in tropical region. In the last session committee told the participants what they should prepare on the following days because the course would be held at Karimun Island.

Participants arrived at Wisma Wisata Jepara

Tuesday, 30th of November 2012  All participants and committee arrived at Karimun Island. During there, They stayed in Wisma Wisata Jepara. On the second day, all participants were allowed to look enviromental condition around the island and interacted with local citizen. In the night, committee gathered all participants and gave direction about what they should do on the following days.

Outbond at Mangrove Track

On the third day of the course, All Participants were invited to go through mangrove forest at Mangrove Tracking Area of Karimun Island National Park. Before exploring mangrove forest, all participants were given information about management and development of mangrove at Karimun Island. Besides, they were also given information about various animals that live around the forest.

The next tropical course activity is exploring the sea. The first destination is the breeding place of shark at Menjangan Besar Island. They all were invited to see and swim directly together with the Sharks. After that, they were invited to have a snorkeling to see the beauty of undersea live in several islands such as Menjangan Kecil Island and Gosong Island.

Interaction with Local Citizen of Karimun Island

In this course, participants were also invited to visit Kampung Bugis and Suku Bajo. They all interacted with local citizen around there. The local citizens were very welcome and friendly. They shared their daily activity and culture that they run every day. All of participants were so enthusiast and very enjoy the visit.

In the activity series of Tropical Course, participants were also invited to visit Bugis village and Bajo tribe residence. Participants tried to get along with local residents. Local residents who were very friendly and opened to tell their daily activities and culture made all the participants so enthusiastic and really enjoy that moment.

Group Discussion

Every evening at 7 there always time to discuss about the activities that the participants had done from morning to evening during the Tropical Course activity which was held in Karimunjawa. In accordance with the topic of this activity, the discussion also got down to the potentials that Karimunjawa has, evaluating, and discussing about taking action for a better development in that region. Participants were divided into small groups and at the end of the discussion session each group presented their discussion in front of the other participants and committee.

Local Art in Karimunjawa

The final day in Karimunjawa, all of the participants were invited to see local art. Local music and dance presented by Sanggar Ronggo Saputro made participants tried to play the instruments, moreover several participants tried to dance with local dancers there.

Manufacture of Woven Fabrics in Jepara

On Saturday, November 3, 2012, the entourage left Karimunjawa Island. Before heading back to Semarang, participants were invited to the manufacture of woven fabrics in Jepara. Participants could know the process from the start of its making to the final results that is production of woven fabrics. Participants were also invited to the woven fabrics gallery where the visitors can buy fabrics for their souvenirs.


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